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Just a quick(?) rambling about up-and-coming animation... And, surprisingly enough, I'm not going to deal with the whole 2D/3D conflict as the moment, as I'm sure everyone's quite clear on my opinion in that respect; instead, I just wanted to comment on what in GOD'S NAME studios are thinking with all the absolute junk that seems to be coming out at the moment. Huzzah!

God bless animation magazine, as it actually makes me consider writing an article about animation so I can knock some sense into some of the brains currently thinking up story ideas. So, let's begin with what's upsetting me this time 'round!

First off, we have 'The Avenging Apes of Africa,' a 2D series (26x24) about a group of anthropomorphic/'transmutated' ape brothers- namely Morocco, Zaire, Angola, Algeria, and Little Libya- who prace around in pathetically generic 'Africa people clothes' and save the poor, poor animals of this world from Harry B. Richbone (hm, is he perchance rich?) and his band of lawless resolutes... Or, as the little teaser puts it, 'A mission to save and protect all threatened and endangered animals of the world from the clutches of Harry. B. Richbo(r?)ne, and his Hideous Horde of Hunters! [cut to Harry] "Stop me if you CAN, you Bungling Bunch of Meddling Monkeys! HAHAhaHAhahaHA!!"'

Wow. The alliteration alone could seriously harm small children. And these poachers? They can't be that bad, seeing as the one that we do see doesn't run around with any sort of ape-killing gun or anything, and is thwarted by running into a tree ( thus setting the poor, poor aye-aye free.). That's quite some... Worldwide threat they've got there! But sadly, they're not the worst of it- these 'apes,' these blatantly moralistic and preachy group of Turtle wannabes, don't even look like apes. I mean, they're tall white guys with wide noses who're due for a shave; they could have at least made them look more black, seeing as how they're from Africa, or even broken some boundaries and just (gasp!) had them be black. Not to mention, then they could've maybe even, y'know, made the characters look like individuals and researched some cultures to make the whole damned thing more accurate... But what am I saying, that's crazy talk.

But, to sum up, these 'Apes with an attitude for the 21st century' just rub me the wrong way. And with a cheese grater. Go on, check out the website, and lookit: Morocco has quite the set of boobies!

Then we have WinX Club, seeing as we all spell wings 'WinX.' Of course we do. Aaanyway, it's a series focusing on Bloom, a faeri- I mean, fairy, and her four friends, while trying, at the same time, to confront KEY GIRLS' TOPICS suchs as 'love, friendship, fashion, and music'! Yeah, well, at least they didn't call them 'issues.' But of course, they've given the series this great, original twist- all the girls stylisly fight evil, are frighteningly leggy and can only be differentiated according to their hair style and eyes, and- hold onto your doublets- each character coordinates to a colour of the rainbow! Wow, like that hasn't been done at least fifty gagillion times before! It's like, like if you made a series focusing on the deep and introspective personalities of the Neopets faeries... Damn Italians.

Oh, and The Mall... When will thirty-somethings stop acting as if they know what teenage life is like? Christ.

And finally, What I have Hope for!

First up is Cartoon Saloon, an AMAZINGLY creative group of animators situated in Ireland with some awesome ideas; their site is more than worth a visit, especially to check out what animation and character designs they've got up. Not only do they have a film based around (wheee!) and Inuit myth that involves deliciously full women, but they've also got a new one 'bout stories in the book of Ke-eeells! My GOD, independant studios live this renew my faith in 2D animation. Lissa, check it out, and Maddy, you'll love the samle animation they have for Brendan/Rebel, listed under the portfolio. Kitty in robe goodness!

Wow. There should be faaaar more Animation I'm looking forward to- curses.

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