Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Blame Stacy. BASICS...
(1) name- Claire
(2) piercings- BATTLE scars from my old ear holes, yes, but no actual ones.
(3) tattoos- Nurp
(4) height- To quote Stacy, '5' 7" ish.'
(5) shoe size- 9 1/2-10, depending on my feet's mood.
(6) hair color- Ash blonde.
(7) length- Not very shroomish anymore, but it will be son enough.
(8) siblings- Sister, Emily.

(9) movie you rented- In theory? Pride & Prejudice.
(10) movie you bought- Findin' Nemo.
(11) song you listened to – 'Hey Robyn' on the Twelfth Night soundtrack.
(12) song that was stuck in your head - 'O Mistress Mine.' Damnéd elizabethan music! *shakes fist*
(13) cd you bought- Erm, Twelfth Night.
(14) cd you listened to – Twelfth Night. Okay, we get the POINT.
(15) person you've called - Jason.
(16) person that's called you- Twelfth Ni- I mean, Maddee!
(17) tv show you've watched – Family Guy, lovin' it.
(18) person you were thinking of - Stacy. I was in her liiivejournal.

(19) you have a bf or gf- Pshht, ou wish! Wait, I mean, I wish. Yes.
(20) you have a crush on someone – Lesse, how many fictional characters can I fit into one question?
(21) you wish you could live somewhere else – Meh. D'ni, I guess.
(22) you think about suicide - Only in that 'Hey, I could SO steer off this cliff' while driving way- obviously, not seriously.
(23) you believe in online dating- Well, Jason does...
(24) others find you attractive – Others find me attractive, eh? I should meet this 'Others.'
(25) you want more piercings- Negative.
(26) you drink – Nope.
(27) you do drugs- No.
(28) you smoke- Okay, there's a trend going here. NO.
(29) you like cleaning- Okay, I guess cleaning is a drug. SO shiny.
(30) you like roller coasters- Shuh, yuh.
(31) you write in cursive or print- All caps, baby.
(32) you carry a donor card- What's a needle?

(33) long distance relationships- Sure, hell. I don't see why calling plans can't get together.
(34) using someone- Against
(35) killing people- Against
(36) teenage smoking- Against
(37) premarital sex- Seeing as not everyone can even get married, For.
(38) driving drunk- Against
(39) gay/lesbian relationship- All the way.
(40) soap operas- Ew.

(41) food- the yummy, edible kind.
(42) song- I have to choose...? I suppose anything from the Riven soundrack will suffice.
(43) thing to do – Why do survey's make you choose these things? I'ma gonna box this survey's ERS.
(44) thing to talk about – Your mom.
(45) sport- Jousting. Wait, no...
(46) drink – Waaater.
(47) clothes- Comfy, flowing, free-size stuff, jeans, turtles.
(48) movie – Lots of things with 'PG-13 cuz it's EPIC' ratings, other... Stuff.
(49) band/singer- Lesse- Shakespeare's Globe, Medieval Baebes, Ron Sexsmith, Orchestras...
(50) holiday- Christmas, outright. Well, CHritsmas through Twelfth night, anyway.

(51) ever cried over a guy/girl- Mais oui!
(52) ever lied to someone- Err, guess.
(53) ever been in a fist fight? Mm Hmm.
(54) ever been arrested- GAWD, no; Stacy has been, though, so don't trust her livejournal NEVER trust her livejournalEVIldeathkneeboobx42!!!q11!

(55) of times I have been in love? I don't... Count.
(56) of times I have had my heart broken? Still don't.
(57) of hearts I have broken? I more pat them reassuringly as friends, rather than break them.
(61) of people I would classify as “true, could trust with my life” friends? Several- you know who you are.
(62) of people I consider my enemies? People, or groups?
(63) of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? Also your mom.
(64) of scars on my body? One, baby- and he's all over me. ROWRR.
(65) of things in my past that I regret? I regret a lot of pointless crap, but none of it's haunting me. Shit, except that dog that ate my fishook!

(66) disney movie- TLK
(67) scent- Wet soil!
(68) word(s)- Plethora, Sylven, Bite me.
(69) nickname- Shoom'lah, Shoomy, Shroomy, Klar, Clairebear, Claire.. beans.
(70) eye color- Gray.
(71) flower- Flowers of paradise.
(72) piercing- Deeepends on the person.

(73) pretty- Pretty what? Pretty awesome, yes. Pretty CRAZY like a FOX? Yes. Pretty good at life, yes. Pretty hot, yes. I should turn up the air conditioning.
(74) funny- In that I make jokes, or that people laugh at me...? I should probably know.
(75) hot- Chuh. *snapsnapsnap*
(76) friendly- Yer mum.
(77) amusing- Err... Amusingly what?
(78) ugly- As much as STACY is, anyway.
(79) loveable- Dawrr.
(80) pessimistic- Yes, yes I am quite prehistoric.
(81) optimistic- What does this have to do with my eyes...?
(82) caring- I'm apathetic to this question.
(83) sweet- I don't taste myself too awesome, but I'm sure I'm a mango on the glucose scale.
(84) dorky- Yeerks are Goa'uld- spread the word!

(85) Spell your first name back wards- Erialc
(86) The story behind your user name- Shoom'lah means dead lizard in D'ni. Look it up. I raised a lizard from the dead. Lizard!Jesus!!!11!
(87) Are you straight? I meander.
(88) Where do you live? In your computer.
(89) 4 words that sum you up- I Stole Your Wallet

(90) Wallet- Red, scaly, and agressive... And full of plastic, the whore.
(91) Hairbrush- Clear-ish... For the Claire-ish!
(92) Toothbrush- Vibratey, rowrr.
(93) Jewelry worn daily- Heavy ow-ey Celtic gryph torque. My collarbones ache.
(94) Shoes- Boots, Hiking Boots, Thongs o' Tevas.
(95) Handbag- Try Messenger bag, you FREAK.
(96) Favorite shirt- Ooh, my white collareds are nice.
(97) CD in stereo right now- Some Celtic niceness.
(98) What you are wearing now- Hot pink Simba Shirt, Jeans.
(99) Hair- Down, as opposed to over.
(100) Make up- Seraa Neputun, Meku uppu!

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)-
(101) In my mouth- Oh my GOD, this big hunk of flesh is attatched to the back of my throat. EW.
(102) In my head- Get out of it. Dork.
(103) Wishing- That this survey would end...?
(104) After this- Piano, 'cause LotR roxxorz my soxxorz.
(105) Talking to- My LJ.
(106) Eating- Spit.
(107) Feti-


How do you guys ,i>take</i> these things? Christ. Patience waning.
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