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OMFGFGFG!!!11! Bite me.

I... love Potter Sues.

"She has very full breasts, which were bigger a without a push-up bra than what all the other females in the schools' breasts with a push-up bra were." -description, IN a story, of a Sue. Get this- She has BOOBSES. You know, I didn't know that Hogwarts kepts its females in its breasts...

"He was 6"2' and had a muscly body but it was nowhere near as muscly as Sirius or James' bodies are because he wasn't allowed to play quidditch because of his condition. You see he's a werewolf." -I swear, they just gutted Remus' character. He's muscly!

"All the girls are very fit. They all know karate and all those sorts of thing. Eg. Kickboxing, boxing, etc.. They all got the tattoos and piercings together. Except Lily who already had the piercings when she moved. They all love to play pranks. They are all rich and live in mansions but Lily is the richest and lives in the biggest mansion. They are all very smart. They call themselves The Flames" -They is TEH RULEST.

Ow. My brain.

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