Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Stole this Mary Sue quiz from Chelsea, and have proceeded to test it out on my personal character in the 'novel' I'm 'writing.' Right.

What he/she is...

Is your character the only one of his/her species in existance? (+2)

Because all of the others died tragically? (+5)
Still 0.

Because of unknown reasons? (+1)
Okay, no...

Is he/she a fantasy creature that's familiar but rarely used as an avatar (hippogriff, satyr, cockatrice)? (-2)
Nope- (s)he's (gasp!) hyooman.

Is he/she a normal, real world animal, excluding wolf? (-1)
I suppose, yes- humans are normal. -1.

Is your character described as beautiful? (+1)

"Unusually" or "astonishingly" beautiful? (+2)

Are his/her optics an unusual color? (+1)
I like my eyes, sure, but they're just blue gray.

Do they change color according to his/her mood? (+1)
Ha, mood eyes! I want one of them on a ring...

Is he/she unusually petite or unusually large for her species? (+1)
Average and hippy.

Does he/she lack wings (ordinarily wingless creatures count!)? (-1)
Uh, yes. -2.

Is he/she wolf-sized or smaller? (-1)
Try human.

Is he/she entirely black or white? (+1)
She is of white descent, yes, but the freckles really break up the scenery. [/sarcasm]

Shiny, metallic, iridescent, sparkly? (+1)
My blood tastes metally...

Does he/she have a prominent scar on her face? (+1)
Freckles are scars! But no.

Does his/her name contain any of the following:
Star/Fire/Black/Dark/Moon/Ice/Silver/Song/Wind (+3 each)
Flame/Night/Dawn/Shadow/Snow/Wing/Heart/Eye (+2 each)
Rain/Strike/Flash/Cloud/Soul/Feather/Claw/Wolf/Blade/Tear (+1 each)

Deliberately misspelled (Starr, Wynd, Klaw)? (+2)
Bite me, Mary Sues.

Two part name (first and last)? (+1)

Both parts composed entirely of words from the above? (+20)
Yes, yes, my character's named DarkMun HeartClaweWulvStrikeFLASHWing. Snow.

Made up fantasy name starting and ending in the letter a? (+1)
Claire? If by 'a' you mean c & e, and by fantasy you mean real, then yes.

Do you use this name for everything you do on the internet? (+5)

Unusually keen senses? (+1 for each)
I wish!

Telepathy or empathy? (+1)
Okay, who doesn't have real empathy? Oh, wait... I don't.

Healing? (+1)

Healing that works completely and perfectly regardless of the affliction in question? (+10)
If I had a beer for every time I saw that one- I'd have a lot of beer. For other people.

Control of the weather ofr natural environment? (+1)

Precognitive dreams or visions? (+1)
Dashiell does, but not Claire.

Is he/she a shapeshifter? (+1)
(S)he changes gender, sure, but I doubt that counts.

With more than two forms? (+2)

More than three? (+3)

Unlimited forms? (+10)

ALL of the above? (+100)
Dude, get over yourself.

What's he/she do?

Does he/she have a beautiful singing voice? (+1)
I can sing...

Is he/she royalty? (+1)

Is he/she the most powerful or high-ranking of her kind? (+3)
Of humans?
Is he/she the very best at what he/she does? (+3)
Goodness no, that makes a character borin- oh, right, Mary Sue quiz.

Is he/she a phenomenally skilled warrior? (+1)
I can shoot old fashion pistols. Badly. I just made that up.

With any weapon? (+1)
I'm good with a spork, yeah, but a katana? Whew.

With a Very Special weapon? (+2)
Very Special No.

Passed down to him/her by a dying family member or master? (+3)
Oh, that Very Special Weapon!

Is it magical? (+2)
Yer mom's magical.

Is it named? (+1)
Heh, I thought it said naked...

With one or more of the words from the list? (+10)

Does he/she have a perfectly normal history that you don?t get into? (-10)
I... Existed. Then I came to this island, meet a eunuch, the story starts, and cool stuff happens. -12, baby.

Have you written down the character?s history in story form? (+1)
I'm no Tolkein, no.

Was he/she captured and/or abused by humans? (+10)
No, but some of them want to be used by you.

Was he/she adopted? (+1)
Biological all the way.

Is he/she a human who was turned into her current form? (+1)
Yes, the terrifying human, turned into... A HUMAN!!! Teh rulest.

Is he/she a member of a rogue team that plays by its own rules? (+1)
Yes, we own the billiards tournaments by beating up on the other teams.

Is he/she the leader? (+1)
Yer mo- oh, I said that.

Do you secretly believe that someday you're going to transform into him/her? (+5)
I... Am... Her. So no.

Do you publicly believe that someday you're going to transform into him/her? (+10)

Bonus question: In making your character, did you borrow ANY idea, be it in name, terminology, world, physiology, or function, from Mercedes Lackey? (+20)
Who in the...?

0-5: Congratulations! You have created an original, believable, and interesting character!
6-10: Your Mary Sue tendencies are few and small enough that they probably don't matter much.
11-15: Borderline.
16-20: I'm sorry, dude, but you're pretty much a Mary Sue.
21-30: This is prominent enough that you might seriously want to consider making changes to your character so as not to annoy your neighbors.
30 or more: Please do not come near me.

Huzzah! -12, and feelin' fine...</lj-cut)

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