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LotR survey, becuase Chelsea's journal is suspiciously addictive.

1. When did you first become a LOTR fan?
I could technically say when I worked my way through the Hobbit, but really when I started Fellowship in 2000.

2. Have you read the books?

3. Seen the movies?

4. What is it that you love about LOTR?
How much the character's absolutely LOVE eachother. There's this deep, spirititual & brotherly bond between so many of the characters- especially our dear Sam nd Frodo- that really doesn't seem to exist in relationships anymore. I find it simply adorable that an old Oxford man had such heart for his own characters in such an epic tale.

5. How many times did you see each of the movies:
Innumerable times. Counting theatre-goings, academy screeners, and the extended edition... That's a lot.

6. Times you've read the books:
Hm... Return of the King 3, Two Towers, 4, and Fellowship- about 4.

7. Just how obsessed are you with LOTR?
Well, I'm reading the Silmarillion and enjoying it, and after outlining up to the story of Aule & Yavanna I've already got eight pages of notes. Woo!

8. Can you speak elvish?
It's on my Claire's 'list of dead languages she plans to learn,' right alongside Hieroglyphics and Anglo-Saxon. I've already begun studying the writing, and I've had the ring inscription memorized for some time now.

9. Did you dress up for any of the movie premieres?
Generic fantasy-thing with cloak for Fellowship, Eówyn for Two Towers, and Gríma Wormtongue for Return of the King.

10. Most memorable moment as a fan:
Running into Billy Boyd at the Oscar afterparty. I mean, seriously running into him in the hall. A-heh.

11. Favorite of the books:
Return of the King.

12. Favorite of the movies:
Return of the King... Especially when Gríma's there in the extended edition!

13. Favorite overall character:
I'd have to say Sam.

14. Character you find most attractive:
Ooh, Gríma. Faramir's attitude and loyal perseverance has always impressed me, too, and Samwise... How can you not love Sam?

15. Favorite couple:
Hm... Tough. I do like Faramir and Eówyn now, Beren & Lúthien always hold a special place in my heart, meh.

16. Favorite hobbit:

17. Favorite elf:
Ooh, that really pretty androgynous one! Whaddya mean, that's all the elves!!?!

18. Favorite man:

19. Favorite dwarf:
No one likes Dwarves, dammit- and we never are introduced to many, really. I do love Gimli

20. Favorite wizard:
Mithrandir, durr.

21. Favorite orc:
Ooh- Gorbag. Of course, I still love Sam an' Frodo as little orcses...

22. Favorite villian:

23. Favorite horse:

24. Favorite scene from the books:
Gríma throwing the palantir at Saruman's skull/the Fellowship. Heh.

25. Favorite scene from the movies:
Just... Can't say.

26. Coolest creature:
The fell beasts were awesome, but they'll have to tie with the Oliphaunts.

27. Scariest creature:
Trolls in battle armour- Christ.

28. Cutest creature:
The Watcher- aaw.

29. Favorite quote:
"Sing HO! For the bath at the end of day..."

30. Where would you want to live in Middle Earth?
The Shire, though I would my a point to often visit Edoras & Minas Tirith and such.

31. What kind of creature would you be?
sadly, MAN.

32. What's your weapon of choice?
Pointy things that burn with the fires of a thousand evils.

33. Are you good/evil/somewhere in between?
Well, I support the quest to destroy the ring, yet I adore Gríma. Hrm.
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