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Swa mec gelome, lado geteonan...

What is it about the internet that makes people act like such absolute idiots?

You see, I've taken on the personal philosophy of, whenever possible, trying to act the gentleman to those I encounter online- friend or foe. But really- I've begun to tire of having to put up with people who act as if I've insulted their very honor by countering one of their ideas or methods, when all I've done is posted a pleasant, logical, 'best regards' sort of message! Guh.

What I even find more unnerving is when I go to check out a profile and find that this seemimly immature little turd is actually a jumply 20-something with their finger on the buzzer. Take today, for instance, when I simply supported my sister by making a post challenging some user's cheap 'tell that to e.e. cummings' excuse for bad grammar. Lo and behold, when I check back five minutes later, I find a reply saturated with sarcasm and multipe signs of a violently injured ego; apparently, it's fine for them to inappropriately voice their point, but it's downright wrong for me to even think of, y'know, trying to understand what they're trying to say. Because then I'm just giving in to THE MAN, the norm, and the rigid expectations of our opressive society.

The problem with this, of course, is that she- a 27-year-old grad student- should be mature enough to realize that you don't walk into Kentucky speaking Anglo-Saxxon, expecting them to take the initiative to understand you. You should adapt to your environment- not vice-versa; use proper English when appropriate, and save Anglo-Saxxon for when you're chillin' with Beowulf.

Of course Thumper's little 'If you can't say anythin' nice...' shpiel isn't completely accurate, but if any of you ever use the internet as a screen through which you become some faceless entity that can say whatever it wants, without consequences? You better as hell have the kidney to say the same things face-to-face, in (gasp!) your real life.
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