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Madeleine, I don't think I could deal with you getting any more icons- I'm SO used to seeing Sam and thinking 'Awr, Maddy posted! Hut-zah!' The magic would be gone.

Speaking of icons and my hoarding of them, I just made two Avenue Q-themed ones, featuring Rod & Nicki; many thanks to Dylan and my dear Maddy for introducing me to such a wondrous musical.

Life's been considerably hellish for the past few weeks, and this is with me assuming my art/creative writing side of core would be easier... So very wrong. College apps are almost finished (thank goodness), but I still have those three accurséd risd drawings. I did manage to spit out a quite nice landscape piece for the first one, so it's nice to know I'm not in a rut. But still, come now! Isn't a portfolio good enough? Gruh. In other news, I have a Vitaly essay & Wilf play I need to do for tomorrow, but I'm just... Exhausted. Not that I don't want to do the assignments, but time constraints are quite tight. Nevertheless, I hope I can get to school tomorrow- this coughing just has to tone down first so I won't feel like I'm imposing on people's comfort level.

Lion King 1 1/2 is out, so I need to pick up a copy (rent a copy) at Blockbuster. Maddy, Chelsea- we should hang out and critique it. Tracy (calicougar) said it actually wasn't as bad as she was anticipating, so it won't be too painful.

I'm out.

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