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I should be working on my ism projects, that I know, but I figured I really owed everyone a big-arse update- especially seeing as, you know it's been a good... Well, it's been a good several months since I made an in-depth post for everyone out there who's wondering what I'm up to. So, without further ado, my recent life in a nutshell.

The college scene!
...Well, pre-college scene, anyway. Save being waitlisted at Calarts for getting my transcripts in late, I've gotten into all of my other colleges- Prin, School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Rhode Island School of Design, Maryland Institute College of Art, and Laguna College of Art & Design. Lots of art, lots of design. I haven't yet decided where I'm going, but I do have my inclinations- more on that later on in the post.

The Sci-Fi Con that I went to 2+ weeks ago!
After picking up some snazzy new army boots, BDA pants and a hat (Not a BDA hat, though- just a hat. A Daniel hat.), I drove out to saitenyo's house to sleep over before The Big Day of the Con. She, tigrin... Wes... Because I don't know what his livejournal screenname is... And I hung out watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Stargate for innumerable hours. Oh, and everything Jonas does is funnier in freeze frame.

Wes drove us over to Pasadena, where we met up with Jillian and wandered about the convention for a bit. The Stargate panel was awesome, as both Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping were hysteeerical, and meeting Shanks for the signing & photo op was really cool. And lo, cool again! No, I'm not in a particularly articulate mood today, but the photos should sum up the overall 'coolness' of the experience. Mm-yep.

We then met Seamus, Neville, Sauron and Gamling from 'Potter and LotR respectively, all of whom enjoyed and signed my sketchbook. bruce Hopkins (Gamling) was hesitant at first, but I got an autograph and a kiss after I drew some Rohan pride for 'im. I do have to admit, the fact that I can get ¢20 autographs for free simply by flashing my sketchbook for actors to sign is pretty damned cool.

We concluded by finally finding the second freaking half of the convention, the merchandising area, which we had missed entirely coming into the con. I got a cool Stargate Seth patch, though, so all was well.

Wil Wheaton likes my art!
Continuing on the sci-fi theme, we also met Next Generation's Wil Wheaton- my second time, Chelsea's third. He was awesome as usual, I finally got my WWDN shirt, and I might have gotten some semblance of a job offer. Wil loved my art, and asked if I could do some illustrations for Cult of the One-Eyed Cat, a 'zine run by his friend that he supports fervently- the 'zine, not the friend. Though I'm sure he supports her too. As if his word gave my art some sort of sacred validation, I was a happy little bugger for the rest of the night- especially when I found that he had posted my junk the next day for all to see. I wasn't to fond of the art, but meh- Wil is Wil.

Whoa! East Coast!
Hello, East coast; I'm Claire. I think you're awfully keen.

I got back last Saturday from my oh-so-wonderful trip to the easternmost side of the continent, during which I visited 3 college campuses in 3 states in 3 days. It was quite an achievement, really, and I had a blast doing it.

Rhode Island School of Design was out first stop, which was a surprise unto itself. I knew risd would be a good school, but it far exceeded my expectations; let us, in fact, see just how many of my expectations it exceeded:
- Everything's within walking distance in Providence. Everything.
- There's a CS church catacorner from the admissions office.
- Brown is practically on top of the risd campus. Two words: Egyptology Major.
- They have a museum with priceless artwork. Snazzy.
- Nature lab full of dead stuff and madagascar hssing cockroaches = Nirvana.

In other words, it's a cool school; not to mention, older-gay-Draco-Lucifer-dude works down the streen at a Starbucks. Photos later.

Our next stop was New York, which was fun primarily for the chance to visit the Met again. I never get tired of the Egypt exhibits, so that was a definite highlight for me. We visited SVA again, of course, which was a nice chance for me to refresh my memory about the school and check out the animation facilities.

Finally, Baltimore, Maryland- and hour later than expected after we missed our train, given, but Baltimore nevertheless. The school was nice, but risd still stood out in my mind as the top candidate; I was, however, quite flattered by the fact that the admissions counsellor remembered my portfolio specifically. Yay!

After college-hunting, we wandered around the harbor for a bit. Got a book about insect sex and the Wicked soundtrack, ate good italian food, checked out the aquarium... Urgh. I'm posted out. I should stop. More later.

I'll do a picture post soon, as there are, indeed, many pictures to be posted.
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