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Life's been good recenty, despite that my anthros have recently had decidedly short legs when standing (mrr...?)- at lest the heads are smaller on a positive note.

I stopped working at neopets on Wednesday, and I'm awfully glad i did- it feels good to sleep in until ten every now and again. I got most of my work finished up, which be good, and the faerie ixi will hopefully be up soon enough. It's kyoot. Heather (auryanne) promised to keep in touch, just so she can occassionally feul the fire of my breyer obsession, and let me play with banjo. Damned cute dog.

My family' hosting a pool party tomorrow, so obviously I have to clean my room. Silly me for thinking that a pool party tended to stay in the pool area. Hrm. It feels good to do a deep clean on my humble abode, though- EnDust is of the gods. Hopefully I'll be done soon enough so I can go visit Maddy at GoodEarth or whatnot- She got a haircut, an' it looks awesome. Yay, go short hair!

I' finishing up printing and sending four commishes today, so that'll be fun. I got ome absolutey awesom critique on some art today, which was rather satusfying.


Well, I better go finish on the room...Å
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