Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

You know, I love the fact that the Internet provides people with a place to express their personal feelings and opinions, but seriously- it's starting to get out of hand.

I've been on the internet for, oh, about six years now, so I think I can freely say that I've got the whole routine down pretty pat. Go to this archive, then this one, then this message journal, then this blog, blahblahblah, rantrantrant, grop. Gropgropgrop. On the whole it's a pretty cool thing, this internet of ours, and I appreciate how much it has emphasized the interconnectedness between humans (...and role players) from all walks of life. Callooh callay, all is well and good... That is, all is well and good until you apply Sturgeon's law; for those uninformed readers, Sturgeon's law is the belief that '95% of everything is crud,' and my god, if it's never been more plainly seen than on the internet I'll eat my hat. I will, in fact, eat all of my hats.

Yes, even the jester-thingy-one with the bells.

After becoming frighteningly jaded and cynical with the world after browsing through a good percentage of the internet's many hangouts, my interests slowly turned from, say, RP'ing towards the joy of The Rant. And, of course, not even so much in ranting myself, but in reading the rants of others. It's thrilling to find that you're not the only person pissed with something in this world, and the internet is the perfect venue in which to vent these frustrations. There are innumerable rant communities today on livejournal alone, and if I'm in the mood to adamantly agree or violently disagree with someone, then I have a place to do it. Of course, as much as this would initially seem to be a wunnerful little blessing- ha HA- I'm beginning to get reeeally pissed at how damned self-righteous people are beginning to get.

I understand that everyone has a right to their opinions, but the fact that people are letting themselves get so riled up over the tiniest of issues is becoming notably trying on my nerves. Ranting has become less of a stress-releasing activity, and more of an art. Sure, I enjoy the occassional good-natured rant, but Ranting For The Sake Of Instigating Conflict is getting OLD.

Sincerely, I don't care if your ego feels slighted because you haven't gotten a mod's choice on Elfwood or if you haven't gotten enough page views, and, really, I don't even care if you post about it in your personal journal; I do, however, care if you find it to be such an important issue that you must post it on a public community just so all the other members can empathize with your oh-so-tragic story of NOT GETTING ENOUGH ATTENTION. And you know what's worse? Complaining that an image of yours HASN'T GOTTEN ENOUGH FLAMES. What in god's name is wrong with you? You think posting a drawing of a drag faerie hoping to get some conflict in your Elfwood comments is being supportive of the gay community? Your sentiment has missed the target by a good two miles, hon.

On a similar note, I'd also like to stop seeing the internet mirror life in terms of the "Rebellious, in a Conformist Sort of Way' issue. If there is a perfectly friendly website (*cough*YERF*cough*) out there which is doing nothing more than existing, free of charge, the last thing you need to do is snark about how the moderators are 'elitist bastards' by having quality standards for the art they accept and how they just don't understand your art because it has feeeeeling instead of techniiiique. You're being stupid, and we're still going to swear all we want, damn it.

People need to start composing their posts in Word beforehand, so they don't have the 'Update Journal' button looming over them... Writing an rant in the heat of the moment is no excuse for not having a solid argument.

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