Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Yes, everyone, I'm ranting publicly about Neopets [users], because I'm not working there again 'til Monday! I'll sing the praises of loopholes later, but for now, the story.

Alright. Neopets announced today(?) that they had redrawn the Kougra. Nothing drastic happened, nothing to worry about, it's just that the pet is better-drawn now. See?


Yes. Better-drawn. Well then, little did I know that this Impending Kougra Revamp (aaarg!) has been the Tragedy of Tragedies in the neofandom, and that- of course- everyone's going to up and break down because Neopets has killed their pet.

...and on with The Evidence That You're Taking Neopets Far Too Seriously! Actual quotes, god bless 'em:

The claws are too big.
I HATE IT! It's got a frakin' balloon face. Now has a Fat nose. And its tail is pathetic! It is SO inconsistent in each pose!
That's it. I've lost faith in the Neopets artists. I can't begin to list everything that disgusts me about this revamp. Well, actually, I can begin... I just can't finish.
it looks like a hastily-painted lump of clay...
(man, I wish I painted that well hastily.)
no. just no. hate it. DESPISE.
No revamp ever could make me hate Kougras less.
Ugh. I hate it. It just looks dopey and flat. And disproportionate.
They've destroyed it. They have destroyed my very first Neopet.

And then there's been this awkward strain of Kougra/Koala comparisons, which are obviosuly misdirected as the two bear no overt superficial resemblance to one another:

oh damn, koala nose
I absolutely detest the new Kougra. Why? Koala nose. Ugly fat, balloony koala nose.
I didn't think they'd have the Koala look for all of the Kougras
They took a koala, chopped off its head, and stuck it on a cats body. That's seriously what they did.
The problem with this is: Sometimes you have the right personality and you never wanna change it, then what to they do, turn it into a Koala. (what does personality have to do with OUR ART?)

You see, I have no problem with people not being fond of our art, I just wish more of them would step away from the keyboards for a few hours before respondng so harshly and in so very many sentence fragments. Fine, don't like our art, but that's no reason to drag the stuff through the dirt and suddenly act all betrayed when you 'lose your faith' in the Neopets artists becuase of one [not so] lousy redraw. It's Neopets, a free website for god's sake, and there is nothing any of you can say to defend your overly critical reactions.

Every day I'm more and more tempted to just draw utter crap and see how y'all feel about that... And I only work summers. Aaargh.

Oh, how I love our users. They're fun.
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