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Just to make sure that everyone's up-to-date with my current situation, I'm doing a quick post to inform that yes, I'm here, I'm safe, and I'm enjoying myself. The RISD orientation has been awesome, though I was most definitely worried at first that I'd be without friends... I was expecting a funkier, artsier crowd seeing how I'm attending, you know, an art school, but that's what I get for assuming- it essentially mirrors my high school class, except for the fact that we can all draw. Lots of people I can't see myself hanging out with, lots of high heels and straight hair and vapid giggles, but, then again, lots of people who I really like and can relate to.

I miss y'all back home, but it's great knowing that finding some new friends in the meantime hasn't been as hard as I first expected. The orientation has thrown us into groups that we woulddn't have normally gotten into, so I've met lots of people (floormates, dinnermates, OA group mates...) it a surprisingly short amount of time. To quickly sum up, here's the current list of 'teh awesome' people I've met:

Kelly is an illustration major who realised during a 'getting to know you' excercise that the two of us were into anime to a certain extent; she's across the hall from me, she likes David Bowie, and she's essentially very cool... And veeery tall.

Beth was introduced to me by way of Kelly handing me Beth's business card, only for me to find out that she is none other than Damalia, of online anthro/wildlife art fame... WEIRD. I never thought that we were the same age, let alone that we'd be attending the same college, but I was thrilled and managed to pick her out of a crowd during orientation and we clicked. It's nice having another wildlife freak around, as we spent our time at the beach studying and pulling apart innumerable horseshoe crab corpses which washed up onto the shore, and besides- she likes Clone High. AWESOME.

Andy is quiet, but he's cool- he's into animation and illustration, but I'm just kind of assuming that he's into the things that I'm into. He listens and comments when we talk, so, um, yeah... He's cool.

Eliza is looking into animation for a major, and she's insanely talented when it comes to casually sketching people during orientation. She likes anime/animation, along with animals (woot!), and- surprise, surprise- she adores Jeeves and Wooster. Too cool. Very cool, and hey, she spontaneously decided to go with us to the mall today to get second piercings in her ears- that earns my respect.

So, overall, it's been just wonderful. I've really bonded, the teachers and campus (yay for really steep hills!!) are totally up my alley, and Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches reside in the Nature Lab... Heaven. I'm sure it's too early to judge, seeing how classes begin on Wednesday, but still- it seems cool. Oh, and speaking of schedules, my classes include...

Art & Architecture History
British Literature
2-D Design
and 3-D Design

...arranged in varying chunks of time throughout my week. Man, I can't believe I have a work day's worth of classes some of these days. Eurgh. And that's not counting if I want to go to Life Drawing.

Double Eurgh.


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