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Claire Hummel

Awesome to twenty-FIVE!!

For those who didn't know, I spent all of yesterday at what was known as 'Mass Mysteria'- that is, a gathering of local-ish Myst fans for a day of fun-having in Boston... Get it? Mass Mysteria? In Boston? Myst? HaHA, the kids over at MC just slay me. Mmm.

Moving on, here follows a summary of said trip to Boston, complete with pictures. Of me. Doing stuff! With other people.


The day began wonderfully, seeing how we had had our first snow of the season the night before and the campus- not to mention Providence- was covered with fresh powder.

After taking the 7:30 train to Boston with Casey by my side, I met up with moiety (or Adam, if you prefer) at the station- it was weird and yet amazingly comfortable to meet someone I've known online for upwards of 4 years, and I felt like I fit right in immediately- he made me a sign featuring my art from eons ago, i was flattered beyond belief and immediately won over, and we left to pick up JennyH & her friend, Denise. The weather was nippy as expected, but it felt so nice to be out and walking when there was so little traffic in the snow; Adam and I caught up with things as we walked, Myst-related and otherwise, and I was just... Happy! SO very happy.

We picked up Jenny & Denise from their hotel, both as amiable as would be suspected, and together we trodded over to the Museum of FIne Arts meeting place (after some coffee and a suspiciously difficult-to-open banana along the way, of course) to find the rest of our 'gang.' We found them (them being RivenWanderer, Gallifrey Lady, Speedy, Ja'ade, Gobo_Fraggle, and Pazuzu), and were quick to take photos to commemorate such an, erm, historical event:

We then relaxed, chatted away about Myst while Adamoiety went to his dorm across the street (Pfft, lucky.) to get things, and then fooled around… Moi displayed the squee’s love of Au Bon Pain, and Atrus got to share a DRC/Myst shrine with the squee. Huzzah! After a slight delay, we headed over to the Gardner Museum, in which we found innumerable little historical treasures; the woman’s house alone is beautiful beyond belief, and the collection includes everything from Antique Letters from Our Forefathers to Sargent Paintings to Really Cool Chairs… And, of course, everything tied in to Myst in one way or another. Besides the frighteningly strict guards (One assumed I was a lecturing teacher and asked me to stop when I was simply talking to Moiety about Family Guy), it was amazing fun; we all bonded over the utter coolness of the artifacts, got to know eachother, and came out content and satisfied.

We then took a quick look into to Museum of Fine Arts itself, checking out the ancient Mayan, Egyptian, and African art- their influences on the development of Riven’s culture were obvious, so we drooled for quite a while and commented on how much certain masks looked like Sunners or Cho… Or how the Mayan jaguar effigy vessel looked like a Pokémon. Which it did. Oh, and the pertaining quotes:

“I choose you, jaguar effigy vessel!” –GallifreyLady
“Of course he’s happy, he’s got a fancy hat… And he’s listening to his iPod.” –Moiety, commenting on a particularly happy Mayan sculpture

Though we were all quite hungry at this point, we still decided to check out the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Hall of Ideas’ & Mapparium’s sheer Mystness; We sat around for a while taking pictures and signing Speedy’s Squee journal:

Speedy & I flank the Warrior B'nis

Moiety looking cool as ever:

Riv crochets

…And then went through the Mapparium (which echoes like the Yeesha’s amulet and moiety can vouch for me) and the Hall of Ideas for inspiration. I was inspired to put whatever moiety had asked me to hold on my head, but there you go.

Finally, after much exploration and laughs and such good things, we headed over to Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall to get some food; along the way we met one of our new mascots, who I deemed Atrus, the One-Leggged Seagull (hopefully we’ll have photos of him soon), and a huge healthcare proest that seemed to be shouting incoherently about healthcare… And power. Something like that. The food at Quincy Market was surprisingly delicious, and we had more fun gossiping about the mean Gelato lady and ( ) drawing weird Myst stuff on take-out boxes. At this point people began to leave, our numbers slowly dwindling, and it was depressing to admit that our night was lowly drawing to a close.

…Sooo, of course, to fill the remainder of the night with life, those of us still on board ran off to see a late showing of The Incredibles and bonded more than ever as we watched the film as a true group of friends; Moiety and I squealed like little fangirls whenever Edna came on, and I was home. :)

I had to head back to South Station to catch my train after that, so I tried to savor every moment I had left with Moi, GF & Pazuzu during the walk. The day had been wonderful, I had met old friends and made new ones, and I didn’t want it to end… But at least it ended with HUGS A PLENTY.

I already miss everyone beyond belief, and I can’t wait to come back up to visit, or to drag people down here to visit me; moiety, it’s been almost four years since I made that page dedicated to you on my M:TAS site, but it has definitely been worth the wait to meet you in person… You’re funny, smart, and an amazing tour guide, so I shall make sure we get together before the Spring gathering so I can hover over your shoulder as you play Myst IV, at the least!

Much love to everyone involved,

(And, just 'cause I look awesome as Sam Adams: )
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