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Nell, Nell, Nell.

First off, a link to the article in question, as so many seem to have ben searching for one:

It's fine and dandy to see society appreciating intelligence in fields other than the literary and logical sections of standardized tests, but DAMN. Prodigy? Prodigy is a very touchy word in our society, and more recently I've found people throwing it about without even considering its implications. Michelangelo, for example, was a prodigy. He was commissioned to sculpt the Pieta out of a block of marble for the pope. At age 21. If anything, that defines prodigiousness. But Nell Cohen? I have to wonder.

I checked out her website to see what all the fuss is about- I frankly can't tell. She draws, "animates," writes, plays guitar... And yet she doesn't excel terribly at any of those things. She's above average, sure, but people seem to be focusing more on quantity of talent that the quality. I was better than her at her age, as were artists such as Megan Giles and Starfinder, but we aren't flaunted about on little pedestals- in fact, I'm glad I wasn't. I'd rather have to work at building up self confidence than having my ego inflated by one article in a newspaper. I think she'll be brought down to earth once she realizes that she isn't the best, that there are people who are her age who are much better than her- but at the moment, that's not really what rubbed me the wrong way. It was this quote that caught my eye:

"But if I were at, like, a normal public school or private school, I would just be going crazy. It's, like, everyone's just so average and not individual. It's so hard for me to look at kids my own age and think, 'Oh man, they could be doing so much more with their lives.' "

What the...? she acts so full of herself, because, you know, anyone who might not have the funds or support to go to a high class art high school and is (gasp!) forced to go to public school will fail miserably. Oooh, yeah. None of my close friends are average or 'not individual.' We go to public school, as have I my entire life, but it doesn't fucking hinder a person's talent. Grr! What is wrong with this chick? Gah, ranty rant-rant. Sigh.

Well, I'll let her be. As she said, "Over the course of my life I'm probably going to professionally do millions of things." Yeah, riiight, I'm sure. I hope she ends up being an accountant- her balloon should be popped.

Oh, yeah- kudos to Kyoht and Megan who pointed out that, as children, they didn't grow up with the tools or resources that we 'blooming artists' have nowadays. We have a sort of advantage, in a way, whether we notice it or not, and we should never take it fr granted.
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