Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

I've been creating some alternate characters on Warcraft while the Kil'jaeden server has been off and on- a female Troll Shaman named Wen (Burning Gorge), and a male Tauren Druid named Aurochs... Though I doubt he'll last long, seeing how I'm tempted to create a female just to balance out the species. My god, people seem to prefer the male.

But I digress! While playing around with the characters, I've been checking out their '/silly' and '/flirt' voice emotes, only to find that, while my Troll is pleasantly violent and darling, my Tauren has such memorable phrases as:

'Hey, you into leather?'
'Free rides- for the ladies.'
'Homogenized? Nooo way, I like the ladies' (the way he says ladies... Wow.)
'Are you comfortable with complicated machinery?'

...The fuck?

I love this game.
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