Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Andrew and I went shopping today (words which I would have never expected to see coming out of my mouth), and I- with my mother's blessing- managed to get some new jeans from the Gap. I so rarely go clothes shopping, or shopping in general, for that matter, that I think my mother jumps at the chance to fund my Getting of Pants. Yay!

The point of all this, though, was a conversation we had while driving back from our pleasant little excursion. We eventually moved on to the topic of the Auto Show we're all going to tomorrow; this is something which I would normally be uninterested in, but I had found that I was looking forward to the opportunity to get some practice drawing pretty cars (a good skill to acquire for illustration work), just as Andrew was looking forward to drooling over the industrial design. Unlike myself, Andrew knew the technical innerworkings of automobile design to the point that, in designing cars on his own, he knew where there had to be vents for air, where this had to connect to that, and so on... He knew the basic structure so well to the point that it benefitted, not hindered, his own design process. I was so fascinated by this skill just because it directly paralleled my own knowledge of animal life; I know muscle systems, where organs and spines go, how certain types of eyes & eyelids work, and consequently I have little difficulty in constructing fantastic creatures for my worlds.

I'm not sure if there's an obvious point to this story, but I just love how my personal obsessions can be mirrored in other people, just under a different light.


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