Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

m01ety posted a thread on Myst Community asking for people to post photos of their dorm room, so I've finally been given the initiative to actually (gasp!) show you all where I live. OMGWTFBBQ.

The Natural Habitat of the elusive Claire
Herein lie photos of my bedchamber/boudoir/some other scandalous synonym for that room which any Proper Young Lady would never dare to show to a perfect stranger, but, well, I'm much more of a gentlewoman and a scholar than a lady, so there you go.

The Desk and infamous Portal to the IntarWeb.
Atrus makes a fine guardian for my powerbook. I've been trying to dispel the assumption that I have a pechant for hunting foam rubber animals, but I suppose the mask on the wall is somewhat incriminating.

Random Myst-aphernalia.
...Including my Exile/Revelation journal, my Serenian Spirit Cloth (work in progress), and a yeesha ocarina... Bird. Thing.

My "I Just Want to Read my Book and Pretend the World Doesn't Exist" Lounge Area Under My Bed.
Also functions as a very poor fallout shelter.

The wall and bookshelf above my bed.
I really need to sew those SGC & Seth patches onto something. Hm. You can also see my ammonite fossil in this photo, so I'm pointing him out because I find him cute. Lookit! Ammonite. Awr.

Obligatory schoolbooks shot.

I'm no m01ety, of course, but I windex like a madwoman. CLEAN. Yay!

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