Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

OMG Relatives.
My cousin, aunt and mother came to visit me at school this weekend (which is quite an event, seeing how they all typically reside in southern California); Amanda (the cousin in question) is scoping out the east coast for potential universities and schools and such, so she figured seeing me in my collegiate habitat would be a good experience. Not to mention that we just missed eachother and wanted to hang out anyway, but that's all one.

I was volunteered by my mum to give a tour of what seemed to be the greater Providence region, but this- no matter how immaculate an idea it was in theory- proved to be quite difficult in practice. I walk at a brisk pace, some five times faster than the adults, and all my witty little quips about Providence's history and buildings were lost on those meandering twelve yards behind me. Grr. It was nevertheless a fun experience, as I was able to procure cookies of the Girl Scout variety and check out the Army/Navy Surplus store for Stargatey goodness simultaneously. I do believe I might have frightened the Girl Scouts, though, but that's really their problem. They should be able to deal with people screaming "oh my god COOKIES" by now. *pops a thin mint*

I ended the day by getting Thai with my mother and discussing communism in theory vs. practice and how far too people hadn't actually studied Marxist theory and/or the history of communism and really weren't in the position to argue for or against it, so that was nice. I'm glad that mum isn't worried about me being here anymore.

In other news, The Crusades!
In case anyone hasn't heard, the Franks ran off to Jerusalem to retake it from the Muslims or some such nonsense. Weird.

In all seriousness, the film Kingdom of Heaven has me much intrigued; not only does it feature David Thewlis (Remus Lupin), Jeremy Irons (Scar), and Legolas (some guy from Orlando) taking on a new challenge and playing a tormented young man who proves himself through his sudden adeptness as both a leader and a warrior, but it's about the Crusades, for heaven's sake! (Heh, "for heaven's sake." I'm accidentally funny.) Very interesting stuff. They're using loads of historical figures this time 'round (Saladin! Reynald!), so I'm hoping for the best and fully intend on bringing my notes to the theatre for reference.

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