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I'm not posting at 5 in the morning. I swear.

This past weekend, and the gathering known as Mass Mysteria which so highlighted it, was quite the escapist fantasy in comparison to the stress of finals which I’m currently having to sludge my way through. I mean, I suppose It wasn’t actually a fantasy, as I’m rather sure that it did happen, but it was definitely an escape/release/wonderful, wonderful experience!

Onto the textual reminiscing for those of you who weren’t there:

I got up at 6:15, showered, readied myself to leave, and argued with myself about whether or not it was advisable to get back into bed. Eventually deciding that, no, sleeping would in no way be a productive turn of events, I made my way to the train station and, in turn, to Boston. After meeting up with Adam (m01ety) and- confusedly enough- Adam (Gobo Fraggle) at South Station, the three of us grabbed some semblance of breakfast and wandered across Boston to meet up with the rest of the gang around 11 in front of the MFA.

After general introductions and taking of photos, our group now consisted of m01ety, Gobo, Pazuzu, Gallifrey Lady, Anna Catherine, Bluesandpiper and her friend, and myself- Shoom’lah. We eyed the sky suspiciously, threatened to take away its television privileges if it dared to rain on us, and tromped off to the Isabella Gardner Museum while getting to know each other. The museum itself was, quite predictably, as awesome as ever- huge books, Rembrandts (with frizzy hair and oh-my-god-the-velvet-you-could-just-reach-out-and-touch-it, as per a tour guide’s speech we were subject to), a number of chair and photos of chairs, and, most importantly, ancient fire exits graced the halls... If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it several hundred times- I want that woman’s house. So much magnificence in such a small space is just... Gah! Inspiring.

Aaanyway, from the museum we moved on and grabbed lunch at a nearby Uno’s, suddenly realizing the consequences of having to feed a large party of Myst fans on the same day of Northeastern’s commencement ceremonies. Aheh. We nevertheless managed by splitting into two groups and were eventually full of deliciousness; M01ety mimicked my choice of getting the Fajita Chicken pizza, and then I promptly mimicked his spilling of his drink by doing the same all over myself. Once dry and with somewhat reclaimed pride, we went to check out the Tomb kitschy-Egypt-puzzle-solving-thingamajig. Bluesandpiper and her friend had to sadly leave right beforehand, but the rest of us stayed around to find the pharaoh’s mummy; the experience was surprisingly fun, and it was wonderfully cheesy. :) The attendants seemed to be quite aware of how silly the whole thing was, which was nice, and the only problem seemed to lie in the fact that we Myst fans had a tendency to completely over-interpret the puzzles:

The Guide: ...So, we have to somehow open this door. Any ideas?
M01: Well, we could aim the light on the ceiling at the sun disk on the door...
Shoomy: And I’ve studied Ancient Egyptian, so I could get out my sketchbook and translate these symbo-
Gobo: Um, or we could just press the huge blue button.
M01 and Shoomy: ....Oh. Right.

After having reunited Teh Pharaoh of DOOM with his body and surviving our little escapade (“My children, I bring you peace...”), we hopped across the street to the cinema and caught a showing of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (whilst simultaneously keeping an eye out for that pesky pharaoh. *darts eyes* ), which I found to be rather enjoyable, even though it had a number of notable digressions from the book. The opening song of “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish” and the footage of dolphins seemed to have drilled its way into all of our heads instantaneously, so Annacat and I were humming it gaily while the rain poured down on our semi-umbrella’ed heads. After a quick run back to the Tomb exhibit to pick up Pazuzu’s camera and a hunt for an appropriate venue, we finally got around to our presentations. I showed off a few sketchbooks’ worth of Shoomy!art, Annacat had a beautifully set up presentation of her & Aurelié’s Narayani monologues, and M01ety had a quick showing of Scryber before everyone had to break off to catch their respective trains/buses/what-have-you. M01 and I accompanied Pazuzu to get some sustenance, and then the two of us bussed back to the M01ety Abode for the night.

Adam’s mum had been kind enough to leave us homemade goulash (!) and crepes (!!) for dinner, which was a perfect end to a very rainy and very exhausting day. Neither of us were ready to sleep just yet, so we settled onto the couch to watch some late night Family Guy and several episodes of Firefly, which I am now officially addicted to.

I’m pretty sure we eventually got some sleep, as I distinctly recall having to wake up the next morning... Only to find, of course, that my sweatshirt and jeans had still refused to dry. Damn them! I put them on anyway, and after an invigorating cup of Twinings Earl Grey I finally got to meet The Clan and, per Adam’s request, show them my sketchbooks, both of which were received well. :)

(Adam- your family is wonderful, your mother has my eternal thanks for her delicious cooking, and I want to steal your dog. Or at least clone her. ^^)

We packed up our stuff and took the bus back to the Aquarium to meet with the remainder of the Mass Mysteria gang... Or, at least, we would have, if both the bus and subway hadn’t decided to suddenly cut off their service. Whatever happened, we did get to the Aquarium somehow, although 30 minutes later than we had planned! The Aquarium was wonderful nonetheless (I'm... I'm pretty sure that's a photo of Moi and me. Or a black void. Can't tell.) , and was particularly interesting due to the fact that it was (unbeknownst to us at the time) penguin mating season... Ne’er have I seen such boisterous, noisy and downright horny penguins! It was adorable, of course, and I am now the proud owner of penguin porn on my harddrive. :)

Apart from penguins piled on top of eachother, we also saw a number of jellyfish, cuttlefish, just plain fish (though none of them were plain, mind you), turtles, sharkies, and incomprehensibly expensive cafeteria food. We also ran into Trickster at this point- just in time for the awesome sea lion show- but Gallifrey and Annacat had to leave at this point and our numbers suffered even further, although not before Annacat and I had one final chance to perform an interpretive dance about being jellyfish, which was, I’m sure, no less than awe-inspiring. *snff* The remaining Mysteria clan was slowly tiring from two straight days of running around Boston, so we all communally went mad and put on silly Aquarium hats. We looked magnificent. I’m beginning to run out of... Things. To say. Must... Keep writing...!

This about marked the end of Mass Mysteria, and Moiety, Pazuzu, Trickster and I ended up sitting around chatting about Uru until Trickster had to leave. We then waited with Pazuzu at the South Station bus terminal (during which time I ran into a friend from school, which was odd) until he left, and Adam and I, as the final remnants of the gang, sat around watching Firefly in a half-constructed section of the subway station... It was, oddly enough, the quietest spot in the general vicinity, so we just sat on some dusty bleachers and shared a pair of headphones. It was nice. Adam had to eventually get on the Subway, which was frighteninly depressing seeing how it officially marked the end of Mass Mysteria, but we hugged several times and went our separate ways. I got a bit teary-eyed thinking about everyone while waiting for my train, but, well, in a good way. It was a marvelous weekend.

...And, of course, the rest of the photos! Knock yourselves out.

Official Mass Mysteria Quotations
”That’s such an ivory pimp cane.”
-Moiety, on a 15th century altarpiece

“I- I think he might be a bad man!”
-Annacat, on Sirrus

“It is false, the Whark is not angry.”
-Moimoi, discussing the true/false options in Scryber

“Breeding? We need to prevent any breeding behavior. Because they can’t breed.”
-Guide at the aquarium
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