Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

don't panic

I hate to pester you with such trivial matters now that you have loosed yourself from the bonds we call university, but I have bad tidings- it seems that Mr. Charles Exam Finals has made his way down to Providence! Respectible and decent young women stare aimlessly off into space, grown men swoom to the floor in fits of exhaustion; I have no doubt that it is his doing, the rogue. I would have none to do with this carpetbaggery of his, but his advances are insatiable and I find that I cannot go far without him looming over my shoulder once again. It is, to say the least, most frustrating.

Having already succumbed to Charles' lure several times over the past few weeks (though not by choice, I promise you!), I am, consequently, a worrisome mess. I would like to trigger an abatement in his solicitations, and so we come to the meat of my letter- if you could possibly consider tearing yourself away from your estate for a spell, I would love the chance to see you, if only for a day! I'm quite sure the presence of another gentleman would send Mr. Exam Finals hissing into the shadows. I can promise you little, save good tea, better intentions, and a willingness to talk and spend time perusing Mr. Joss Whedon's masterpiece for hours on end... I am desperately in need of some manner of relief, and so the time seems ripe to take you up on your offers of visitation; I would hate to wait until this July's conference in Chicago to see you again!

I suppose it does not matter if it is this coming weekend or the next (or the week following!), but seeing you before the year is out would be a marvelous counter to my stress and general moods of helpessness as of late. I wouldn't want you to come, to reiterate, if it is in any way troublesome, but do consider my offer- I would love nothing more than to see you again!

...Maker help me, Charles is at the door again- I'll see what I can do to rid myself of him, but I hope it doesn't involve fleeing out the window this time.

Yours always,

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