Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel


In reference to this review of the latest Stargate novel, I feel like it's time for another (?) installation of...

Shoomy's Handy-Dandy Aztec Name Pronunciation Primer!

...Or SHANPP for short, if that's somehow less confusing to you. But I digress! Seeing how it's late and I'm feeling somewhat nutty, I figured it was time to clarify that the anglicization of the Aztecan language assumes a "sh" pronunciation of the character "x." Here are some particularly relevant examples:

Xipe - SHEE-peh
Yaxkin - YASH-keen
Xalotcan - SHAH-loht-cahn

Therefore, one Jack O'Neill would not be running around mispronouncing them as spiffy, yak skin, and xylophone, respectively. Shoomy out!

[end transmission]
Tags: egypt, nitpicking, silliness, stargate
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