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Claire Hummel

I spent Sunday morning at the Seattle Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, something which has escaped my notice until now for some inexplicable reason- how have I managed to visit the Seattle Center for the past few years since the SFM was founded and never noticed that the equivalent of geek nirvana was just around the corner? They had everything from Kirk’s chair and original phasers to first edition copies of Dune and master models for the 1984 film adaptation’s chrys knife props... It was, indeed, teh awesomest, as could be easily determined by the fact that Next Generation theme music was playing in the lobby when we came in. I will make a point to drag Chelsea, Mads, Adam and the rest of you wretched hive of scum and geekery up here as soon as is humanly possible to witness the only museum I’ve yet seen to use the word “fandom” several times over. *drool*

Yes, well, after an appropriate amout of geeking out, I met up with eleri, her husband, and her daughter, all of whom were bejond amiable and so sweet to let me hang out with them for a bit. We sat around and ate lunch, browsed the shops, and chatted about Myst V/Mysterium and the like, and it’s nice to know that, if I am going to Mysterium this summer, there’ll be wonderful people like her there to keep me company.

After a quick hug goodbye to Eleri and the clan, I made my way up to the space needle to find Lucas, whom I han’t seen in upwards of a year and was quite relieved to find him holding his own and as fascinated with hand-to-hand combat as ever. His hair is now somewhat longer and straighter- an extremely flattering look in his case- but he was still the old Lucas from VAI. Though we did wander around the grounds for a bit and eventually got sustenance, we ended up spending the entirety of the day sitting/lying on the grass together and just talking. Normally I wouldn’t condone missing a chunk of folklife just to lie on the grass, curled up in someone’s arms, but damn it all I needed some serious human contact with someone I could trust and this was well worth it. Besides, Lucas gives a mean ear-scratching. He eventually had to go on his way as it began to get dark around 9, but we both milked our time for all it was worth. It was nice.

After Lucas had left and I was now without the snugglage, I met up with my family and our friends in the Center House for the muchly-anticipated Balkan dancing, a tradition that involves the repetition of a cache of dance steps in accordance with each song’s tempo... I tend to use the experience as some colour of escapist fantasy, simply losing myself and the world around me as I dance through the routine time and time again, and the other night was no exception. I miss it already- the pounding balkan music, the beginning dancers lining the sides of the floor and unconsciously miming, in fearful anticipation, the steps of those already performing... Only to be so wonderfully juxtaposed against the leaders of each line who seem to have been put on this Earth for nothing else than to do justice to the spirit of Balkan dancing. On this night.

It gives me hope for the human race in a weird sort of way, one swaying pair of hips at a time.

...I might as well ramble myself to bed, for it is late, and we are to begin driving south on the morrow. Finishing my freshman year in college has only just now begun to sink in, and all of my friends on the east coast are beginning to feel just that much further away. Damn.

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