Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

I write...

Follow Suit

why are women treated like meat,
with for men to do what they please?
sitting about, having nothing to eat,
to follow a suit with such ease.

the media defines our "female" for us,
its reassurance, like a lullaby-
small & submissive, never a fuss,
living on clothes and hair dye.

give in, give in to the image we've set-
it's a guaranteed path to success!
popularity is something you'll never regret,
there's really no need for distress.

slowly all women merge into one
an entity, a formulaic whole.
just add in a condom, a joint, a gun
thanks, society- heads will soon roll.

but then a figure stands straight and tall,
defying the chains that opress,
shouting a revolt with a "fuck them all!
I refuse to wear your damned dress."
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