Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel
shoomlah if millions of teeth suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

I spent yesterday visiting the good ol' High School will Maddy and Lissa, which was a delight; although I'm glad to have moved on to college, I've found that I still miss core and all the teachers associated with it... Not too much has changed, except that Linn has trimmed his beard and cut his hair and is no longer the technicolour Gandalf I knew and loved. He does look nice though. We got to hang out in the copy room with Messrs. Lemmon and Coleman as well, a situation ripe with comedy as was expected, and the obligatory visit to Vitaly's room was just as fun... I've missed him and his quiet brilliance, Madeleine one hundred fold, and he's officially been added to my List of People I'd Like To Carry Around In My Pocket. Collect them all!

Today involved a dentist's appointment which was, despite Knud's soothing Danish accent, somewhat painful, and my jaw is threatening to walk out on me because of it. Damn it all. Jason and I then got together for lunch, but I had to go home right afterwards simply because I haven't yet suppressed the urge to sleep and vomit that had welled up inside of me after going on the treadmill last night. Apologies for the bluntness.

In other news, I want/need this shirt, created in loving reference to a particular PVPonline comic:

Aheh. So true.
Tags: dentistry, friends, high school, life, silliness

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