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Blast, indeed.

I decided to stop by Jamba en route to work this morning so I could try the Matcha Green Tea Blast smoothie; Jon had recommended it, so I paid the shopkeep and discovered quite suddenly that it is, indeed, a smoothie to contend with, though it is not necessarily one to be drunk at eight in the morning. Exquisitely delicious, yes, but infused with some level of saccharinity previously unknown to Clairekind… I think I should probably resist the thing for the time being.

*slowly takes another sip* No!! Gah! Brain… Yummy. Green. Mmm.

Moving on from viscous delicacies of the green variety, then! Life in general has been good- I’m enjoying being back in California for the summer, yet I cannot wait to return to risd, the east coast, and all that that implies. Having discussed the topic with a number of people, I’ve concluded that all my problems would be solved if the continental US (the coasts in particular) functioned as one huge game of Pacman where exiting one side of the screen would have me entering the other… It would cut back on airfare, anyway. Hm. Seeing how my life isn’t yet an arcade game, I’m just going to make the most out of my time in each environment and succumb to the inevitable shift in scenery every few months, as I am wont to do. Exciting!

Speaking of shifts in scenery, I’m heading off to Hawai’i this coming week- the island of Kaua’i, specifically- for once, I’ll try to actually update while I’m the trip, or at least post a trip journal after the fact; looking back through my past entries, I’ve suddenly realized just how many times I’ve promised to post synopses and/or photos and then completely failed to follow up. This ends now! Or, well, it ends soonish. Next week, really. Anyway, a forewarning. Well, then.


I haven’t been keeping to my promise to myself that I’d always have a steady flow of universally relevant posts- art, writing, rants, commentary and the like- and I’m trying to determine whether or not that’s a bad thing… I have half-composed posts about post modernism sitting around on my harddrive, and I really would like to get around to finishing them at some point, but, then again, I’m at work.

...I should probably start drawing.

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