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Wow, I never update any more, do I?

...I've been meaning to, though.

I've decided that I hate when people look throug my sketchbooks- they always attempt to read any captions, titles or small paragraphs that I've jotted down in it, many of which I'd rather not take the time to explain... Or I simply don't want people reading them. They're private notes. Get over it. Sigh.

I went to the Neopets staff Christmas party tonight- quite a bit of fun, really. I haven't seen most everyone since August, so it was a nice reunion with which to catch up with people. Anthony's married now, Cobb has an awesome girlfriend (She's a fellow Alan Rickmanite- woo!)... Lots o' changes. They apparently say that they want me back, and I love having this steady job to fall back on for money.

Everyone got awfully drunk again, just like last year- Jason's adorable when he's drunk, despite his attempt at freestyle rapping, and when he wouldn't stop hitting on me. Guh- I think he just wants me for my cookie-baking mastery, but that's beside the point. Men have such single-track minds, heh. Everyone's so nice to me at the office- not only did I get an unexpected Christmas present, but they spent the entire time showing me off an' stuff... I can't wait to go back.

I miss work... School is beginning to kill me!
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