Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

Typical risd shenanigans, I suppose.

A costumed group shot I set up before Artist's Ball turned out marvelously, so I figured it would be worth posting- if you've ever wanted to see me clad in midriff-exposing furs, now's your chance!

(Clockwise from the far left is Margaret as laundry, Casey as a fox, Sara as a steampunk gentlewoman, Nicole as a ren fair attendee, Jamie (Kate's brother) as Link, Kate as Bast (complete with a name tag written by yours truly), Richard as a very anonymous ninja, Caitlin as Poison Ivy, Beth as herself, Shoomy as a demasked goat, and Mary as Peter Pan.)

Gads, I love my friends. :)

Tags: costuming, friends, photos, school
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