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WoW times- Tol-vir/Ramkahen females

Claire draws some WoW fanart time!

So, it is oft bemoaned that Blizzard tends to see females as an afterthought- the Worgen females were unfinished up until the last minute (some would argue they still are), tons of the NPC races lack female equivalents, and Cataclysm added the Ramkahen/Tol'vir to that roster. BOO. I had some free time on my hands and wanted to tackle the challenge, so I whipped up some designs for female Ramkahen:

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GDG sketch

Quick sketch for this week's "Cat Girls" prompt on GDG:

...Who wouldn't think of a Maya girl being incessantly bothered by a talkative and needy jaguar.

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Labyrinth and Comic-Con!

I am horrible about posting, but it's hard to resist the novelty of loading up Livejournal while on my plane down to LA/ San Diego- god bless Alaska's free on-flight wifi! Just wanted to give a quick heads up that I'll be at the Labyrinth masquerade ball tonight, and at Comic Con this coming weekend- not many solid plans yet, but I do know that I'll be helping to man the Girls Drawin' Girls booth from 3-7 on Thursday, and 12-3 Sunday. Otherwise I think I'll spend a lot of my time bebustled and hanging with the League of S.T.E.A.M., so say hi if you track me down! It's always fun running into people.

See you on the floor,
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I feel bad because I never post art anymore! Stupid life and its stupid priorities. I drew a wolf to let off steam after work today and just to see if I could still draw them decently from memory, so you can have that.

Apologies for falling off the face of the earth,
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How To Train Your Stitch

I am not at all the first person to point out the similarities, but I had to draw a Stitchified Toothless:

God knows I'm not picking apart the design, as I would happily live in a world designed by Chris Sanders- that is, a world populated entirely by tiny cute things and sexy ladies. And Hawai'ian paraphenalia.

Hey! Got a second alone with one of his sketchbooks? Check out the fact that he likes to draw inverted nipples! Fun fact of the day.
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In Which Claire Begs For References

Hey, PC WoW people- I'm on a Mac and thus have a seriously stunted version of model viewer, and I was wondering if any of you people with the proper release of WoW Model Viewer could help me get my hands on some screenshots and texture maps:

I'm looking to get some detail shots and texture maps for any of the female Vrykul warrior models (not the frost Vrykul á la the Hyldnir questlines) for a personal project- I'm totally willing to do a character sketch for your troubles if anyone's able to help me out. :)

Thank you for entertaining my geeky pleas,