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Endangered Ark decks for sale!

So I'm a complete slowpoke, but I contributed to the Endangered Ark deck last year and have a surplus of them I've been meaning to sell. The decks are absolutely gorgeous in person, thus why I'm keeping a number of them for myself- the printing is beautiful, the plastic-coated card stock is well-weighted, and they take a good riffle shuffle as well as any Bicycle deck. Plus, the deck doubles as a set of miniature prints and supports charities like the World Parrot Trust and the World Wildlife Fund! Pretty awesome.

To butter you guys up, I'm offering a small animal pencil sketch with each deck I send out. :D The decks are $28.00 + $4.00 shipping. Just shoot me an e-mail at shoomlahATgmailDOTcom or use the Paypal link below, let me know what you want, and I'll get a deck to you in the mail asap.

Animal Sketch:

Thanks much,
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Tiny Horus up for preorder

Hey kids! My Tiny Horus toy got pushed forward into the preorder stage on Patch Together, and now it's up to you and any other interested parties to help me reach the 20 preorders required for production. The final product is going to be resin, 5" tall, and costs $29.95 while still in the pre-production stage; the price goes up to $34.95 once they start the sculpt, so be sure to put in an order now if you want to save 14%. Click on through below to check it out- if it does well, I'm hoping I can start designing the rest of the gods as a matching set. :)

Click Here!

Thanks again for everyone's help and votes,
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Poll #1514466 A Prints Inquiry

Would you be more willing to purchase prints if I sold them through the DeviantArt print shop?

Yes, purchasing prints through DA is more convenient!
Yes- I enjoy being able to choose materials, size, and other options.
No, I prefer purchasing prints directly from the artist.
I do not prefer one method over the other.
I am not interested in prints.

So, here's the rub- I offer prints through my website and whatever other venues people choose to contact me by, and have for some time. The problem lies in that the general public seems blissfully unaware of this fact, and then proceeds to A) reprimand me at conventions for "not having prints available," or B) drop their jaw incredulously when I mention selling a print or some such thing.

I've always chosen to handle things myself simply because this means I have complete quality control over my product, but I also think that it might be needlessly complicating things- that I might be missing sales due to abstaining from the convenience of selling through the DA print shop.

So anyway, yes! Poll. If you have any specific opinions on the matter, especially if you're an artist who uses/has used the print shop, don't hesitate to comment. :)
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Tiny Horus up on Patch Together!

At missmonstermel's encouragement, I finally put together a design for Patch Together- a tiny Horus, combining the universal fondness for both Egyptian paraphernalia and cute things.

He's sort of a combination of the Horus from my comic and the cute Egyptian gods I posted years ago, but streamlined and adapted into a fresher design for toy production.

So here's the point in the goings-on where I troll for votes- honest ones, though higher votes are encouraged and will be rewarded when Anubis is weighing your heart in the afterlife.* All you have to do is head over to the Patch Together website, take a second to register, and vote for my Tiny Horus here:

Thanks in advance, you guys!

*does not guarantee your heart will not be viciously devoured by Ammut
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Hermione has read a lot about bowling in books, I'd suppose

I've been cleaning out my hard drive and stumbling across old art I'm rather charmed by- not to make a habit of it or anything, but I figured I might as well post some of it from time to time to make up for job-induced lj inactivity.

This is from a bowling escapade with my Neopets coworkers backs in summer 2007- We played girls vs. boys and all chose Harry Potter names for score-keeping, thus:

I was Nagini, OBV. I'd like to say girls won, but... I can't really confirm or deny that.
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Have been trying to think of something topical to post for World of Warcraft's 5-year anniversary, and decided to dig through my livejournal and track down my first post about playing WoW back in 2004:


World of Warcraft is addicting. I'm this lv. 6 Dwarven hunter named Moscha who does nothing more than get quests, kill things, and ogle Mounts that cost frighteningly large amounts of gold, and yet somehow I'm having fun. And to think, this is only the first day... I can't wait until I can start, you know, getting legitimate armor and weapons. Whoa."

Awwww. And now it's two expansions later, level 6 Moscha is a distant memory, and I'm working at a game company. Oh how times change! EDIT: Feel free to post your own in the replies, I love reading these. :)